The Win-Win Plan

Get Paid to Have your Laneway or Garden Home Built

Creating Value Through Partnership

The Win-Win Solution is a simple Formula:

We build you an 800 Sq Foot Laneway or Garden Container Home at no cost to you so long as your home is in an area that is eligible for the Win- Win Plan. We are able to build a secondary container home in all locations where it is permitted. However only a few of the permitted areas qualify for the Win-Win Plan.

If you qualify for the Win-Win Plan, you will be eligible to apply for our new Win-Win Plan. We will build you a secondary or laneway home on your qualifying property at no cost. For more information, see our “Money Section.”

We build a smart home with an aesthetically pleasing look and feel .

The home is smart designed to make the best use of space.

You let us take control of renting the home to tenants for the first 5 to 10 years depending on the cost of the build.

Our property management firm manages the tenants at no cost to you for the rental period

You get a percentage of the rent during the rental period.

At the end of the Rental Period, the home is yours… we have no interest in the home and you can rent it our to tenants on your own, move your family into the home, or move into the laneway home yourself and rent out your primary home.

The Result is that you get a premium laneway home that is yours to keep that you can now live in, rent out or have family live in.